Delaware Goes Smokefree


Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner announced her intention to sign Delaware's smokefree workplace legislation on World No Tobacco Day, May 31 at 9:45am in Rodney Square. The bill will create a safe, healthy, smokefree workplace for ALL Delaware workers, including office, restaurant, bar, nightclub, and casino workers.

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Delaware Governor Signs Smokefree Workplace Bill on World No Tobacco Day
Wilmington, DE, May 31, 2002... Today, World No Tobacco Day, Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner signed into law Delaware's smokefree workplace law, creating a smokefree work environment for ALL Delaware workers (including office, restaurant, bar, nightclub, and casino workers). The law which passed overwhelmingly in the Delaware House and Senate faced intense lobbying from tobacco interests, particularly the casino industry.

"All workers deserve a safe, healthy, smokefree work environment," said Joe Cherner, president of SmokeFree Educational Services, the nation's largest smokefree advocacy group. "No one should have to breathe tobacco smoke to hold a job, not even casino workers! Smokefree workplace legislation is not only good for health. It's good for business. Even most smokers prefer to breathe clean air."

"When the history books are written about how America conquered cancer, Governor Minner and the Delaware legislature will be in it," adds Cherner. "Half of all cancers are caused by tobacco addiction."

California is the only other smokefree state in the nation, having passed smokefree workplace legislation seven years ago. In addition, several cities, most recently Tempe, AZ and Easton, MA, have adopted smokefree workplace regulations.